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Get To Know Me

Faced with the opportunity to describe myself, I pause... Who am I? 


There is, of course, the traditional response, "I am originally from Mexico City, but have lived most of my life in the United States. I attended Montessori schools between the ages of 3 and 15. I am curious and love learning, traveling, dancing, practicing yoga, and sharing knowledge, wisdom, and experiences with others. I feel a deep connection to the ocean, but for now, wake surfing at the Arizona lakes fills the void created by being land-locked. My appreciation of Dr. Maria Montessori's observations, thoughts, approach to education, and philosophy of life have inspired me to work as an upper elementary Montessori teacher (guide would be the more appropriate term). Before, I worked as a live-in nanny, a journalist (was awarded an Emmy), a waitress and bartender, a first-mate and stewardess. I'm a free spirit, yet welcome commitment with open arms. Brad and I got married on September 2022, officially making me a step-mom to three boys, whom I love dearly. I started this website to offer my gifts to you: yoga classes for children, teens, and adults; boat rentals to spend a fun day at the lake; and inspirational talks about Montessori philosophy, theory, and practices."


 Who I am? 

A less traditional response, "I am loving energy; part of a whole and a whole all the same; indescribable by words, rather an essence, a presence. I am a witness to the unfolding of myself from moment to moment." 

What I offer:

Private yoga classes (prenatal, yin, flow, gentle, restorative) that are physically, mentally, and spiritually enriching, bringing harmony into your life.

The best kids' yoga classes! My experience as a Montessori teacher allows me to create classes that are tailored to the developmental needs of the children. 

And if you are planning a getaway to Arizona's stunning landscapes? I've got you covered with top-notch boat rentals. 



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